Monday, 24 November 2008

Style it up:

I love browsing at the website. The clothes may be a bit higher priced than your ordinary high street brand, but they sure know how to style the models on the website...

Look at her: she looks like a modern day little red riding hood with her red cape and cute braid on her head.

Here she is showing the braid again. Don't you love the cuteness of that LBD with a cute bow in the middle? This pose, by the way, is so refreshingly unmodellingly (is that an English word?). She looks a bit like a young child that has to pose for a picture.

This is more a model pose. I like the dress, the skullcap, the boots and her necklace.

And I am totally in love with that green leopard scarf. Sure, leopard scarfs are all over the highstreet shops this winter, but I haven't seen a green version of that...

This model is quite funny, I think. She looks kind of moody/tough in almost every picture. I like the combination of clothes...very preppy meets french girl meets Scottish tartan kind-of-cool.

I have to declare her as one of my icons, because she is not afraid to look incredibly dissatisfied with everything!!!

Ok, so this is not my style: white tights and a frumpy short...but I like the other looks.

Check out yourself if the model is smiling on one of the photos @ .
Hint, she is looking a bit smug on one of the pictures....

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fuzkittie said...

I love that leopard scarf!! I must get one~