Sunday, 16 November 2008

stash-shopping: givenchy (vintage) coat

During a bit of blog-surfing I came across to a very valuable challenge: shop your stash, which implies that you have to look in your stash of makeup/clothes/etc and find the one thing (or millions of things?) you haven't used yet, and have already bought this for at least six months ago.

My mind is so foggy, so I cannot remember the blogger who mentioned this challenge (aaaahhhkkk, need a diary!) but I absolutely love the idea of re-finding goods in your closet and using them.
I have chosen for a vintage coat I have bought early spring 2008. I think it is the right season to use the coat, and flaunt its gorgeousness around ;P

Vintage items have become more and more fashionable for the last couple of years. Although I love the idea of recycling and reducing your carbon footprint (by buying less clothes), I still do not like the musty smelling shops that are to be in synch with vintage clothes shops.

If I do want to buy vintage, I head to posher vintage shops, or buy online (and check the desciption in order if they are not smelling like mothballs or such).

I cannot remember where I bought this coat (my alzheimerish memory), but I was absolutely charmed by it when I saw it online. It was a vintage Givenchy coat (or claimed to be) in a gorgeous wine colour, and had these sixties era sleeves...ohhh...

I still do not know if it is the real thing, but I like to think so. It did not break the bank, I paid around $100 (something I do remember-money related things). It came in an good condition, except for a bit of vintagy smell. I kind of left in in the closet for 7 or more months, and a week ago I decided to wear this, and brought it to the drycleaners. Voilla, the smell was gone, and a beautiful coat emerged.

Here is the close-up of the Givenchy label. It is supposed to be 60s Givenchy "nouvelle boutique".

Still, I haven't worn it yet. Perhaps this post will convince me to wear this next week...So, beware of the girl in the bordeaux Givenchy coat, LOL.


fuzkittie said...

What a lovely find!! It's so lady like~

birkinbagbeauty said...

thanks fuzkittie ♥, I love the form of the coat.

Glow Chaser said...

Do you know dear Birkin (can i call you that?) In my imagination, this is the type of coat I figured that you would is tres jolie!

YZ said...

The creator of the 'Shop in Your Stash' challenge is none other than lovely parisb from
Hope that helps! ;)