Sunday, 16 November 2008

Shading favourite: Clio Art Blusher 3 in light brown

Sometimes I like my cheeks to be cute and glowy.

Other times, I feel more like a powerwoman, and have the urge to sculpt my cheeks into a 80s style kind of supermodel-form (which, of course, can only be achieved by 80s supermodel-style models, LOL...but a girl can try, can't she?)

For this, and other softer shading I like to use a soft brown colour that looks like my skin, but browner...

Bronzers can be lovely, but they rarely hit the spot for shading techniques. Some are muddy (Benefit Hoola), others are too dark, lots are orangy, and several too shimmery.

But the expertise of Korean cosmetics designers are blessed with a gift. That is, to make flattering and natural looking makeup. One of those items is the Clio Art Blusher in no 3 brown.

This blusher differs from its siblings (Clio art blusher 2 and 1) that it lacks shimmer. Shimmer can be lovely, as I said before, but for adding shadows...not so handy.

First off all, the exterior...It has an art-inspired picture on the lid, which will be handy for making a art-savvy impression. (in my case, not so much, because I have no idea who the artist is of that design)

Most of Clio's Art blushers have the marbled design that has become quite common for baked powders. I think the only exception is the 05 Rose colour. But correct me if I am wrong, for I do not have all the blushers (yet).

So I want to show you some pictures of the product itself. The pictures were made in natural light, however, the winter time makes it difficult to make superaccurate pictures. The next picture shows how the powder on a mac travel blusher brush. I swirled about 4 times intensly to get this result. It is not crumbly at all, and one swipe will give a little bit of product. I layered lots of product for the picture :)

A close up: The powder itself looks more like a neutral to cooler soft brown. Something that is wonderful for shading light/medium.

On my arm you can see more of a red tone. This is not accurate because this picture has been made with flash, plus the powder has not been blended in yet. It just shows the contrast with my (pale) arm.

Similar picture made without flash, also unblended.

The last picture is the blended version of the powder. It still shows up on my pale arm. The skin on my face is a tiny bit darker. Therefore, The color is quite suitable for sculpting cheekbones without looking too much like a dragqueen in daylight.

I find this to be a wonderful product. It stays on all day without changing colour, and is truely neutral on my face. It is nothing like the plethora of bronzer types I used before (on light medium skin with neutral undertones).

You can find Clio Art Blushers on for $ 20.80 or at gmarket around $11 a $12 by several seller such as beauty555 (item no. 151531096), sun6407, MDmall and several others.

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