Sunday, 16 November 2008

hand-i-ness: Kose Happy bath day Hand Essense

Cold days like these play havoc on my hands. In the summertime, they feel pampered enough with a bit of body lotion in the morning. In wintertime, they tend to become severely dry and peel around the cuticles. Not a pretty sight, I say.

Until recently, I have been using the old cast-offs of my facial care products; the facial moisturizers that were not suitable for my face got their new leash of life on my hands. However, my hands were sticky for minutes after....

I needed a specialized handcream, and fast. So during my last order at I was browsing their new items selection, and came across to a Kose product that was baptised in 'Happy Bath Day hand essence'. 'Happy Bath Day', how nice! A merge between happy birthday and the happiness that you can retrieve from taking a bath....

Happy Bath Day products claim to be scented with all time favourite in my book...
So the potion found its way into my cart, and it was shipped to my home. My first impression small. I put the product next to a mac-lipstick to see how tiny it is:

Fortunately, it is a serum-like product, which makes it more potent...therefore you do not need much to get a smooth result. The next picture is taken on my arm; I have inherited my mother's hands, sturdy hands but a bit rough, so I did not want to take a picture of my hands :)

The rose scent is delicious, in my reminds me of a more expensive rose perfume such as the likes of 'Les Parfums de Rosine'. It lingers for more than half an hour after applying.

What doesn't stay is the fact, the product is absorbed in no-time after rubbing it in. It is ideal for taking this with you on the road, or while driving your car without slippery hands on the steering wheel.

Which does not mean that it lacks moisture, no sir (lady), it locks the moisture in for a long time. Like a facial serum, it is a strong soothing product that makes my inherited sturdy hands a bit more dainty and lady-like.

Overall, size often matters, but if a product is really good and concentrated then a smaller size is just as functional ;P

Kose Happy Bath Day Hand essence is available @ for $6,50 or at jpmon for 279 Taiwan new dollars, which is $8.14 at the current rate.


fuzkittie said...

I <3 the Kose Happy Bath Day line!!! Smells heavenly~

Glow Chaser said...

Oh Nice!! I need a hand cream, I have been using nivea and thus have been leaving grubby marks in my wake! bah!

Elvira said...

I have been wanting everything from this line for a while. Now that it's winter and my hands are dry I might have to buy this right away! You sold me on it!