Thursday, 20 November 2008


When I suffer from a bit of stress, my skin is the first to suffer. For a vain person like me that is the warning sign for taking things a bit slower and easier: who does like to have dry patches and crazy-mad skin? I have never met such a person...if you do, please give me their phone number so they can tell me their secret.

Rest and Relaxation is the ultimate soother for my stressed out skin, but hey...sometimes you cannot run away from the Stress-monster, and then I seek refugee to special skinpotions.

In the last couple of weeks the skin around my eyes was acting up: it was getting more and more crease-y. I started to look like an old lady. My eyeshadows looked all terrible on me (all 500 palettes). I needed a cure.
lizard eyes only look good on lizards

So I came across Relastin eye silk and though that I should give it a try. Reviews were mixed upon this product, so it could be a hit or miss.

I hope it will be a hit; I have a stockpile full of not-so-good eyecreams which has cost me quite a bit of cash so far, which explains the title of this post...skint :-)

I ordered the cream online at I love this store for the same reason I love to buy on gmarket. They are really generous with their freebies. The next picture shows two items I have bought: the Cargo blush and the Relastin Eyesilk...the rest were all freebies.

I also received a standard 15% off any order. You can build up your discount by participating on their forum. Let me copy and past some info:

Starting today, and from now-on, active members of the EDS Forum will be entitled to automatic discounts on their future orders from our website. Based on your membership status & activity level, members will receive following discounts: 10-50 posts = Full Member = 5% discount. 50-250 posts = Senior Member = 10% discount. 250-1000 posts = Preferred Member = 15% discount. over 1000 posts = VIP = 20% discount.

The forum is quite informative when you have questions about skincare.

Anyway, I do not want to convince anyone to go order at that website, because and are fantastic stores as well. I just wanted to show you my reasons for ordering the eyecream at a certain place online ;-)

I hope this eye silk will do something good for me. It costs me $69 without the discount, so it better be!


Glow Chaser said...

Lizard eyes! Haha I wish I had Lizard colour eyes!!

I know what you mean about the stress monster - he won't get off my back (the crazy persistent fool). I guess it's just that time of the year. My skin goes nuts anytime that there is a change in the weather - annoying or what!

Have you tried Yube (called YuskinA in Japan) I have done a post on this stuff and it is my HG item for dry angry skin. Oh and It may make your lashes grow too!! lol

birkinbagbeauty said...

Ha ha, the eye colours of the lizards are gawwwjus (gorgeous) but the skin around their eyes are not really my thing...

Thank you so much for your tip. I am going to do a search for the Yube cream and see how it works...long lashes, oh my...I can certainly use that :D