Tuesday, 18 November 2008

pillow talk

I am not the most home-decorating person. I love to look at a cute and cosy house, but I would not spend my time browsing furniture shops in the weekend.

Nevertheless I somewhat found my living room lacking a bit of 'me'. So, I needed an accessory for my living room, an equivalent of a quirky necklace...but then for a house. Something that would not upset my sweet hubby (aka painting the room pink or adding a fluffy purple couch).
Thankfully, the internet gave the solution for my home-altering mood. I found a lovely French site that specialises on cute and quirky pillows. And there are not only a feast for the eye, there are also pillows available with a scent!!!!

Look at this pillow: it is decorated with scumptious chocolates! They smell like chocolates as well. Ohh, I think I would probably eat the pillow when I am PMS-ing.
Pillow Cacao 44.00€ at bonjourmoncoussin.comThis would absolutely be a 'me'-pillow. These candies are one of my favourites; a delicious sweet and candied strawberry candy.

I already have a moncoussin at home. It is not scented, but it decorates superdelicious Macarons. Very me, I have to say.

I think I might order some scented ones soon. :D. Oh, I forgot...credit-crunch....(note to self, start shopping less....)

The site is in English, which is quite handy for the non-french speakers.

They have different sizes:

But honestly, the small size on the left is their most common size...They also sell the cushion-slope without the pillow, if needed.
I will finish up with showing a more feisty pillow...perhaps for the bedroom?

Tres chic, I think, tres chic...


Digital Angel said...

The first pillow looks definitely real :D I thought it was real chocolate :D Ohhh yummy !

birkinbagbeauty said...

And it even smells like chocolate! Crazy eh?