Saturday, 15 November 2008

gmarket third haul...

A couple of days ago I was still a bit anxious of the fact that the Customs had snapped up my gmarket package. At least, the shipping anouncement on gmarket page told me that they were "Handed over to Customs"...Fortunately, my items arrived last wednesday, so I was a happy camper with my new stuff.

I have been browsing on lotuspalace's blog in order to find a handy compact powder. I do my makeup in the morning, but my t-zone is stubborn enough to defy the powder in the afternoon.

I also wanted a pretty case for carrying around during commuting. Looks matter a bit, so I was really charmed by the beautiful Lotree Rosa Davurica powder pact, which comes in a stunningly beautiful purple case....(read Kathy's review over here)

Yum, and Kathy from lotuspalace announced that the powder had a rose scent. I love rose scented products, so the compact had to be mine (muuuaahaaa).

I bought a whole set by seller kp7793 on gmarket, as I also really liked the goodies that came with it.

A small sized BB cream.

A gorgeous cream blush in a colour that is uberflattering on me..

And I got 2 samples that are on the right site of the picture (purple sachets).

The blush was another lemming I acquired (courtesy of Lotuspalace as well). I really liked the mixture of peach and pink colors. Thus, I ordered this as well.

No freebies, but still a precious item. I bought this from seller miincos on gmarket (item no. 131673814).
The extras are, of course, the icing on the cake. It is one of those things that makes shopping at gmarket so addicting.
I have also ordered my fourth haul last week. Their tracking service is really precise: right now its status is "Departure from Airport....Flight date : 14:35 Fri 14 Nov 2008 (KST))". I even have the flight no, which is "Flight number : KL866".

And I cannot resist the fantastic products most of the Korean cosmetics designers make. They offer quality, cute designs and a reasonable price. For example,I really like how the imprint of the Lotree compact powder leaves its mark on the powder puff...

The colour is no 25.

Overall, I am a happy kid with my new items....and I cannot wait for the fourth haul to arrive!


Digital Angel said...

I like the packaging of Korean cosmetics as well :D and yes especially their freebies, it's always awesome seriously. Castledew, I really like castledew they are so shimmery and pretty. :) I just got the dia-cute palettes. I should do review on them too :) nice haul ! I bet your wish list will be bigger and bigger everyday hehe

fuzkittie said...

Everything looks sooo nice!! I love the blush, the imprints are adorable~

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Digital Angel, I am looking forward to your review of the diacute palettes! I am sure that it will cause more lemmings and I will check out gmarket again :P
Fuzkittie, I think that Chantecaille limited editions are the only product that come close to Korean cosmetics cuteness factor...

Glow Chaser said...


Betty said...

How do you like the Lotree powder? I've been eyeing it since I saw it on Lotus Palace too but I just can't seem to gather up the courage to order from Gmarket! Do you wear MAC foundation or know what shade you are by any chance? ^_^