Monday, 10 November 2008

lust-have: cute jewellery

I still suffer a bit from the awful credit crunch situation, so the reckless 'shop-till-you-drop' philosophy has been put aside for a while.

However, I still think that you can earn a lot of style credit with some cute and quirky necklaces. The average heart around your neck is a bit passé, and a 1999?

Anyway, if you really want to add interest with your jewelery, why not wear something different.

How about a couple of moustaches in your ears?? Mustache Studs by Giles and Brother £43.00
Just add a barette and you are all set up for meeting a moustached, french man...LOL.

Or a beautiful butterfly made from fair-trade material

Butterfly Pendant by Verde Rocks @ £40.00

Embrace your dark and Gothic side with a bat-lace....Or, your love for batman?

Bat Pendant by Giles and Brother £52.00

Or peace-out with this CC Skye necklace

Swim against the stream with a salmon necklace!

Salmon necklace from Fifi Bijoux @

Show your love for springtime with a tiny bird in its nest£108.00

Or reflect your hard-working personality with a golden bumblebee

Bumblebee gold £132.00 (silver £120.50) @

Happy (window)shopping and showing of your beauties!


Glow Chaser said...

Moustachioed ears!! I want them!!

Oh and my blush is the one with 9 colours in it??

It is so cute!

birkinbagbeauty said...

woohooo, 9 colours? That is amazing, post a picture soon!