Sunday, 9 November 2008

Life Little luxuries: perfume power

I love the little luxuries in life.
Even in these days, with the dreadful credit-crunch going on, I have the need to feel fabulous.
The luxury it-bag is a bit out of reach these days, but I can still pamper myself with an indulgence: a beautiful fragance.

Scent is most certainly the most powerful tool to influence mood, memories and it will give you a certain kind of aura that can even go beyond an expensive outfit. It even decides to what person you will feel attracted to (often subconciously).

Anyway, I am a bit too fickle in order to buy big bottles of signature scents...although I have a couple of them...I prefer to experiment with several samples and choose a little bit of luxury every day. Therefore, I am really delighted that several sites cater in my need. There are perfume sites that sell samples as well, such as and

Nowadays there are even sites that specialise on selling samples, such as

I have ordered several times at theperfumedcourt, and I love their collection of perfumes. They even have sampler sets based on a basenote, perfume-hause, region or niche-ness.

Check them out if you feel the need to pamper yourself with a new fragance. You can roadtest some perfumes in order to decide if the scent is really you, or you can have the opportunity to suprise yourself (and your friends) with a new haute scent every day, without breaking the bank.


Glow Chaser said...

I love oldy worldy perfume bottles. I keep meaning to waner through an antiques market and see what beauties I may find.

birkinbagbeauty said...

I know, they have a certain allure...I once bought a beautiful bottle of chakra oil at a antique shop, and I treasured it for several years...