Sunday, 2 November 2008

Jane Birkin

There is something absolutely cute about a young British girl who went to France in order to make a film, falls in love with the French actor she plays alongside, and seals their love with a highly sensual song. (a better biography can be found here, LOL).

Here is the is a bit comical in our days, I think.

(Her french has a bit of a British accent...I never noticed this before, LOL)

Jane Birkin and her 'panting' lover Serge Gainsbourg

Birkin was a reasonable actress, ofcouse, but she has gained her fame with the (as we say nowadays...thank you Idols) X-factor...She was the predecessor of the It-girl of today. Highly fashionable, highly provocative in both her songs as her appearance and a bit media-eager...

Birkin has grown up gracefully, and is more low-profile nowadays

And, let's not forget...she inspired Hermes to make the most iconic bag ever...Paris Hilton has not accomplished such a thing, neither Nicole Ritchie

I like her daughter Lou Douillon as well...she is not a copy of her mother, but merges her own androgyne-meets-vixen style with a lot of quirkiness.

But she has her mothers hair and teeth. More importantly, her devil-may-care attitude, which makes both women strong and iconic in their own way...

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