Saturday, 1 November 2008

Jadilla J. My Ball Cubical Face Blusher in Shiny Peach 3

Last thursday I was such a happy camper with my new goodies from (post over here). All of the items were so cute and lovely, and some sellers had really gone all the way to treat me with all kinds of freebies. Me-lovy

I am one of the biggest blush-fans ever (or at least in my town, :0), so I had to purchase this extremely beautiful looking blush from Jadilla J (from seller vovcare on gmarket).

I was in a peachy mood (pun intended) when I ordered the 'My Ball Cubical Face' blusher (what's in a name??? Perhaps Korenglish??) in Shinny Peach (indeed, double nn in shiny, probably some Korenglish thing as well...but who cares when they make such beautiful items).

This picture is made in natural light: but there was hardly any sun that day, so the color looks darker and more rust-like than in real life.

The next swatches are more true to life: it is a glowy pinkish peach. The letter-part of the blusher gives a more metallic pay-off.

I think this color is even more beautiful than the highly raved Nars Orgasm.
Orgasm has some little shimmer parts inside, which can look unnatural in daylight. I like to wear blush, but aim to look naturally glowy instead of made-up...I prefer if someone says "hey, you look healthy today!" instead of "Hey, what blush are you wearing?"
Overall, I really like this purchase and find this to be a happy purchase :P


Glow Chaser said...

"Cubical" face?? Thats funny somehow!!

I got the Jadilla eyeliner pen yesterday....can't wait to try it!!

Süheda said...

I am dying to get one of those jadilla j blushes...the seller vovcare doesn't sell it anymore:(
i found it on some korean sites, but they don't send it to Netherlands (international) i guess...

Maybe you can give me another site where i can purchase the blush?

Greetz from Holland,