Monday, 27 October 2008

Too Beautiful

I have such a bad, bad habit. I buy really beautiful beauty items, such as palettes.

That is not even bad. The strange thing is, that I cannot even bring myself to 'devirginalise' these precious items.

Some palettes are so gorgeous in their pure and unused state...I just cannot bear to harm their beauty in order to 'dress' my eyelids.

This is my collection of items I bought this autumn, but I haven't even swatched them yet.


I was even hesitant to take them out of their box, and stain the pretty boxes with my fingerprints...eeeek!

Moreover, I have a even bigger collection of colours I swatched only once.

"Oh, my lovelies....thou art more lovely than a summer's day! Thou could not be as precious as thou art in thy box. My eyelids are not worthy of thou gorgeousness..."
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Glow Chaser said...


I do something similar. I try to keep my "lovelies"in their boxes for al long as possible.

Just tooo cute!

birkinbagbeauty said...

It should be used, but I cannot bear myself to use them. (strokes the palettes)

Anne @ said...

thank you! finally someone who understands. hahaha I feel the same way about my HE palettes. I do actually try using them later cuz I would hate for it to go to waste. But it'll take me months before i actually put it to some use. and when I do I'm extremely careful with them. haha.