Monday, 27 October 2008

like a virgin

Hair can become virgin again, unlike other 'aspects' of your body.

My hair has been quite unvirginalised in the past: I had it bleached, highlighted, permed, cropped, dyed, crimped and styled in a dye-hard way...Agyness Deyn would have looked tame compared to me (ok, highly exaggerated).

But now, my hair is long.... not normal shoulderlength long, but almost-behind-stroking-long...

And it is absolutely virgin dye, bleach, perms, etc.

(not my hair, nor my face...but a dramatically beautiful picture of a long-haired lass)

Does this make me less fashionable, I think not!

I love experimenting with my looks, but my hair remains (can I say) pure (?).

C'est Moi...

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