Friday, 1 January 2016

The 2016 Resolutions edition: #WILLPOWER with Alexis Vogel Ganesh

Best wishes from Birkinbagbeauty

So now we had the celebration, now it is time to get into #resolution action.

 I first want to share something that could be seen as holistic. My Alexis Smart Ganesh formula:

People who read my blog know that I can be quite sceptical about products. However, I have had several of Alexis Smart formulas for different types of emotional states, and I believe they help... (see here & here).

In September last year I started a new study. Age-wise, I am not the most typical student so I had to overcome quite some things. On the other hand, staying at the same place in my life would not have been a good option either. I had been struggeling with so much sadness and a dash of failure before, that I really wanted to achieve something new...especially with my brains.

Things were not easy, starting...But after taking Alexis Smart WholeHearted I could cope with some sadness issues of mine. Afterwards, I felt my mind was ready to accomplish new things and to achieve my goals.

Enter: Ganesh
 I have been taking the drops for over a month, and I am mid-bottle now. In that time, I have been able to write four hefty essays of a high academic level in one week. (Yeh, blame our professors for giving the students such short notice...). In September, I could hardly write one Essay of 1000 words in two weeks, and in December I was able to write four.

Ofcourse, getting accustomed to University is not merely based on flower remedies. However, I feel that these drops give me a better hold of how to achieve my goals without letting my doubts get in the way. Ofcourse, doubts have a healthy element, as long as they are reasonable and able to negotiate upon.

Alexis Smart has various formulas based on Focus. On her website she has a guide of how to pick the best one for you. Otherwise, you can email her for a more personal advise.

The good thing is that Selfridges in Europe is selling them too. They have free shipping from £50 right now (normally £15) so that might be interesting for picking up some other goodies like this Suqqu Christmas set (on sale)
But I guess shopping more was not on your #resolution list?

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