Sunday, 11 October 2015

Cocktail Hour-glass (mixing) Primer n.28 with Kjaer Weiss Foundation, or Opposites Attract

Sometimes it's just trial & error succes...


Beauty stuff ain't easy! How informed we can get by the internet & the upteenth flow or reviews and tutorial, you never know how it will work on you unless you try.

Venturing into Kjaer Weis foundation was one of these things: the reviews were praising it as the next savior; I found it a bit difficult to work with: Dry texture, slightly sticky formula, etc.

Kjaer Weiss foundation is a bit dry

Similar with Hourglass Primer n. 28...Or perhaps the opposite. "Darn, that stuff is slippery! Did someone left the lube out there?"

 Since Frankening it up has been a thing since...I guess 2004 (nailpolish board Makeupalley), or longer I made some good sense out of the two and mixed them.

Sometimes I just use the primer on my skin first, and smooth the dryer texture of Kjaer Weis over it. 

It is not something you might never read about before but I really like the way these opposites attract and seem to work as a base for me.

The moral of this Story: 
Try some concoctions before you chuck away your good stuff!

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