Sunday, 1 March 2015


I feel kinda 'America's Next Top Model' by announcing in that skinny-perky way: "Tyra Mail". A slight alteration on this theme is that it's "hair-mail".

"Hello Hair" is a handy, portable treatment based on coconut-oils. The difference is in the fact it is creamy instead of solid and a slightly lighter consistency. 

I feel it rinses out easier: pure coconut oil needs several sessions to really be clean whereas this one is clean in one wash. I still think it penetrates as effectively as pure coconut oil. Moreover, it smells nice (either neutral or a scent of your choice) instead of cooking. I cook a lot in coconut oil so I often feel like a hot dish when going for the pure version treatment.

I also love the portable size. This is the perfect treatment to carry around during beachy holidays. I can see myself carrying around on the beach to protect my hair before swimming. Or in the evening as a potent treatment.

The only con will be a higher price compared to pure coconut oil, but the Aussie $ is favorable right now. Or perhaps the wait, but actually I just love the idea of old-fashion mail from Down Under country. Especially in perky turquoise envelopes. 

I bought it from and it has a lot more than just coconut oil with added Almond, Argan, Castor oils and more. And sometimes a lot of effective oils is what a dry mop of hair needs.

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