Monday, 23 March 2015


Happy Spring! Nice to see the sweet colours popping up for it again:
Ohhh, look at these pressed textures! 

Well, I have been a lazy blogger but somehow I have not stopped buying cute thingies. 

Zeee connoisseurs will recognize Clé de Peau's very expensive label. Hence my only justification has been that I've been a cheapskate on the front of not buying the box:

I still have a case from another quad. That justified buying this Spring 2015 selection of colours. Also, a recent sale from bonboncosmetics.

I'm not the greatest fan of pale blue eyeshadows, but the one on the left really works well in this composition.

As for the other colours: how to resist a good warm purple, a perfect warm creme brulee and that gorgeous buttery cream with a touch of peach?

Yes, still lazy so I have no real review [yet]. But spring has sprung and my eyes are flaunting it.

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Sharlynn Ng said...

OH DEAR! YES. This quad is soooo beautiful for spring! Love the peachy/cream with the touch of purple and light blue! They are so pretty!