Friday, 20 February 2015

Same Canvas - New Brushes

't was the time for some investment-beauty!

And so this fairytale does not imply a fairy-godmother, but it does apply a new couple of [semi]-magic wands that my slightly ageing canvas will be delighted about.

* RMCA KO-5 part series palette*

A while ago I discussed a flare up of my skin. I had to take the ease of to baring flesh [think: the gym etc] and buy some high-quality cover for my body. My body is slightly more tan than my face so the variety of the 5 shades are wonderful to match up the different rates of pigmentation. And, ofcourse, it's totally suitable for face as well.

* Rae Morris Square Kabuki no 4*

Let's blame brush-enabler sweetmakeuptemptations for this one [this particular article] and another blog who gave thumbs up for a really good exchange rate on the Aussie dollar. First I struggled to use it properly until I read of using it as a finisher to buff away earlier work done to rapidly [see here, mentioned for the Radiance 7 brush but this one is capable too].

* Surratt Smokey Eye Small*

I was looking for the perfect blending brush for my eyeshadows when I stumbled upon Wondergondigo review [here]. I could not rave more about the softness and efficiency of this brush. Moreover, I found an even better use for this baby: blending in undereye concealer:

The video:

Vincent Oquendo uses YSL Touche Eclat but I've never been a fan of it. I do my version with Charlotte Tilbury the Retoucher and like the effect on blending in concealer for blemishes as well.

* Rae Morris  Brush 2: Mini-Kabuki *

This functions predominantly as my nose-shaper brush. Other uses:


Morris also uses it for body-contouring like shaping a six-pack: ofcourse, this one will probably work better when the abs are flat already. Cool idea, btw.

*Chikuhodo Z Series Z-4 Cheek/Highlight*

I'll spare you my measly brush-description skills in order to leave it to the pros of hugely fanatics. But it's pure brush-gasm! My beautiful powder blushers have been waiting for the one and now they have to share him? Scandalous! I have to bring more of these in their lives so the fairytale perfect ending will continue.

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Sharlynn Ng said...

Ah! Those are some gorgeous pieces! I'd love to own a brush like the ray morris one and that RCMA palette would be sooo useful!