Monday, 2 February 2015

January Used Ups

So we've made it through 1st month of 2015. I guess it's not the easiest month, unless you're in midst of summer at the southern hemisphere. 

 Used ups:
  • IS Clinical is a brand that is quite well-known. I was glad to use the Instant Smoothing Gel in the midst of flare-ups. It's incredibly neutral and well-moisturizing and my skin tolerated it well. It has some positive ingredients like copper tripeptide & others but it also has some dimeticones (see here). Repurchase it big? Maybe.
  • Kimberly Sawyer Restore anti-ageing cream was too much essential oils for my skin.
  •  Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydrating Serum also felt like a neutral bliss on my skin. I think I'll get the travel size.
  • I rarely finish a lipglos but Jill Stuart Lipgloss in 12 Sensual Veil ticked all the retro-girly boxes. Also, it's milky peach enough to wear it on its on and a fab glossifier over lipsticks.
  • Nexxus Kerafixx is a wonderful treat to dryer, damaged hairs. Funnily, I've started to notice my hair is not that dry or damaged lately so I can venture on lighter treatments.
  • Makeupalley had a fab rating for Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid + Retinol brightening solution and it has been a wonderful duo-product to brighten skin. I finished it before the grande flare-up and it has been a wonderful treatment for a couple of months.
  • I'm not exfoliating anymore but I'm still liking Cane + Austin Retexturizing treatments (review here). These are the travel-size, single packed version that are a bliss while travelling.
  • Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant mascara made it into my Best of '14 list. I've cleaned the brush to use with the organic W3LL People Expressionist Mascara. Honestly, the organics cannot hold my curl but I had to make the switch for my Clean & Calm routine.
  • Ren Glycoactic Masque is another favourite exfoliator. However, if your skin is overreactive, step away from all exfoliators.
  • Dr. Organic Royal Jelly Shampoo is way too overfraganced imo. I used it to clean my brushes and wash my gentle clothes like cashmere.
  • [almost invisible label] Coastal Scents Essential Oil in Peppermint is a good quality oil that I mix with a base like advocado oil for scalp treatments. 
  • Lea Journo has been brilliant into packing its conditioners in sachets: travelfriendly, and a good smoothing conditioner that only needs a tiny bit for a good effect.
  • I've discussed the blissful neutrality of Avène Cicalfate in my last post. It's a repurchase.
  • [almost invisible label, part II] I've ordered Leahlani Aloe Day cream together with the hyped Mermaid mask. It's supposed to  "to gently balance hormonal skin flare ups" but it did not helped my flare-up skin. I was not a fan of the baby-powerish fragance either.
  • So one thing that does help is my Tatcha Indigo treatment. I've already reordered.

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