Sunday, 4 January 2015

What happened to Last Year's Resolutions?

Last year I made a slightly ironic spin to some resolutions that were somewhat serious: 

An overview:

1. Taking my superfoods (here):
The superficial: I linked this resolution with a new eyecream from Nourish. I'll spare you the complete name but it has Kale inside. I really enjoyed this eyecream but somehow I have not repurchased yet. I think I will soon.
The deeper meaning: I was already on a good roll in the previous year but I continued taking my green juices meticiously. It might have been too much, which will connect to my next resolution.

2. Focus on Inner Beauty (here):
The Superficial: I've bought a holistic Flower Remedy from Californian blender Alexis Smart (more here). I love to repurchase but shipping costs are exuberant. Still debating...
The Deeper: getting closer to the big 4.0., getting single, photo/face-obsessed society & competing (sorry, but that sometimes how it is) with women who are becoming more & more 'flawless' can be a total B&*%. I'm not quite there yet so that resolution still stays in 2015.

3. Improving my French (here):
The Superficial: buying a buckload of French cosmetics: ✓, ✓ and another check. I refound my love for this online retailer who has sharper prices.
The Deeper: Another ✓ for improving language: I've lived in Barcelona for 2 months to go to a Spanish language school. Living in a metropole has always been a bucketlist thing and, though my Spanish kinda seeped down the last couple of months, I improved on it.

4. A New Cafeine Habit (here):
The Superficial: I think few people would say that they want to use more caffeine in the new year, but I'm talking anti-cellulite creams here. That's a serious business to stay perky upon.
The Deeper: I drank a lot of coffee and still do. I'm going to replace some cups with herbal tea to tone it down.

5. Cleaning Up (here):
The Superficial: Facial cleansing grains from quirky etsy-shops.
The Deeper: I always thought that getting closer to the dreadful 4.0 would include a sudden vigour into cleaning the house. In my case: not really (or really not). I just have to tackle this undesire with a sharper schedule and a good playlist on my headphone.

I'm gonna think of a new set of resolutions so you'll hear soon about them....

Ps: do you have some resolutions? Either superficial or deeper?



Love this post!! I love coffee too :) I am creeping up to the big 40 soon too!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi PDXbeautiful,

Thank you for responding :). 4.0 is such a delicate number