Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Last Empties 2014!

Before I'm gonna wish you all a wonderful 2015, I'm gonna share some of the last Empties of 2014:

  1.  Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse for hair: This mousse is absolute love for me. I have a mild psoriasis condition and every bit of chemical on my hair can trigger my skin into producing more. This mousse is totally natural, but works even better than any chemical I tried so far. #repurchase in bulk!
  2. Lierac Body-slim Destock Nuit: ahhh, those French and their thin thighs. So if you question me if/whether their anti-cellulite works, I would say: Yes, but...The but(t) is always the problem (area) about: so I think it gets the extra results with the training, the green juices and the lack of alcohol. Mind you, I'm still taking my sugar too much and I'm certainly not a skinny thighs. However, it will help with some millimeters and sometimes that's all a woman needs. This particular version is for the night: it helps, but it smells a bit funky. I will  have already repurchased the daytime version with my famous 10% caffeine.
  3. Rituals Heavenly Hamman Bathoil: This brand from Holland sure gotten far and popular. I love the combination of fresh & mild of this blend.
  4. Rouge Bunny Rouge Metamorphosis Mattifying primer: I really like this one, however, it's pricy and I found a lovely dupe. Btw, I'm gonna try to find an organic primer that functions well.
  5. FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol 0.5: This retinol potion really is gentle for the skin and I can still see a good result when using it: smoother, more decongested skin.
I had more things I've used up, but I couldn't be bothered photographing a zillion of samples that were simply nice, but not earth-shockingly special.

Sooo, Happy 2015:

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