Monday, 6 October 2014

A Wakeup-call from Team Boys with Skeen Intensive Reviving Gel

Girls, we have all the good stuff, right? 

Ehm, lately I've been borrowing a little something from Team Boys. At least, it's from Equipe l' Homme or the French range that focuses on men's skincare: Skeen+

Skeen+ Gel Intense Defatiant Correcteur is a gel-like product with a nice boost of caffeine and a sprinkle of vitamine c (0.1%). It feels like someone's been lifting up your face when you wake up either rather crinkly or somewhat puffy. It's like a real strong expresso for your skin.

Targeted for men's less sensitive skins, it might be a dose too much for lots of women. I love it around my eyes when they feel slightly puffy, and over my whole face when I need a bit of tightening.

The texture is of a milky gel: it hydrates but dryer skins would like to layer up afterwards. Also, I think it is best to use this one after the serum and before your normal daycream. The fragance reminds me of a diluted Tigerbalm.

I would not recommend this for people with Rosacea, sensitive skin or people prone to allergies. I can tolerate this one quite well even though I have sensitive skin. Or it might be wise to thin down the formula with another neutral moisturizer to build up tolerance.

Ps: did you know the French called the brand 'Skeen' because that's the way they would pronounce 'skin' in French? I was already like "I'm so skeen on you" (-keen on you).

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