Monday, 20 October 2014

SÉROZINC for everyone

I've been reading a lot about La Roche Posay Serozinc: how good it works, but mostly how hard-to-get it is...

I'll probably rejoice the ones that haven't got it yet (but want) and dissapoint the ones that got it by all kind of difficult ways: It's relatively easy to get by (here).

This used to be a complicated, French only site: Nowadays they are fully in English with various ways of payment, shipping & other uncomplicated webshop-la-la-la thingies.

Ofcourse, I added something more. The Phytokeratine travel set has been a mere €4.50 for a 50 ml shampoo &  mask. And here is that Lierac Bodyslim stuff again: I'm gonna try the nightime version.

DHL shipping is €10 for my region & it took only 2 days. It might be a lot but most of their products are slightly cheaper: eg. The Serozinc is €4.94 whereas on Dutch sites it's like 9. 

Ps: not promoting or affiliated with anything, just ask my creditcard company ; )

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