Monday, 13 October 2014

Becca Beachtint Raspberry/Opal in Vine

Sometimes moving images say more than the still ones.

So I would like to Vine-review Becca Beachtint in Raspberry/Opal I gotten in July (here). It started out as a cushiony dream but I have some reserves I will share later. Let's Vine first:


  • love the colour-payoff: cannot get enough ofa  berry-ish glowy cheek
  • blends easily on my skin 
  • Fits my Adesign Pointed Foundation brush like a dream
  • dents easily: I've only used it about 10 times to get this dent!
  • Not really fingerproof: this one needs a proper brush for applying

I'm slightly dissapointed to have this effect when I only had it for 3 months. The result is pretty but the Cons make it a blush I do not reach easily for it. Also, It looks I only have 50% left after only 10 uses, which makes it quite pricy per use.
unlike the bird, the early pan doesn't get the worm

I really love Becca as a brand. I prefer their matte eyeshadows over Rouge Bunny Rouge's, I love their illuminators and they have some awesome blushers. This formula is neither fish nor fowl.
It also dissapears faster than my other blushes.

Conclusion: Love at first sight can be deceptive if the substance looked more than it eventually is


Sharlynn Ng said...

I love the color and finish and how moussey and bouncy it is! It's too bad that this product uses up sooo quickly! That makes it very pricey for how much you get!

tania said...

It's sure a very pretty product.. Too bad the price is too high!
Yesterday I was shocked found a dent in my hervana, after a year of use. Yes, a dent after year of use made me shock. If it's only 10 usage, than I would scream..

Citrine said...

Look at the bright side, maybe what you have left behind are pressed and super-concentrated? 0.2oz actually doesn't seems too few products...Stila's various crush (the lip-cheek stain in twist tube) contain less than half of this and the gel got used up more quickly....