Monday, 1 September 2014

Kose Addiction cheekstick in Ibiza Sunset

Before summer I said "I'm not gonna..."

I was not going to buy another bronzing product...

However, summer came and I found myself reaching for my Givenchy Croisière Bronzer frequently. Being almost perfect, and the 'almost' made me curious for Addiction again.

It was also the launch of Charlotte Tilbury beachsticks in, so 'inspired', Ibiza themed names as well. I'd either wanted to buy her 'Ibiza' beachstick, or go for Addiction again. Addiction won by price, packaging, and I already know how I love the texture and handiness of it.

And I like sunsets....

I mentioned I had been fond about Givenchy Croisière Terre Exotique Poudre Bonne Mine Bronzer #2 Douce Croisière but I couldn't remember the full name...Tah, sorry about the dodginess but the names are killing of some beauty products. As if the beauty counters will give you a test that you can only buy it if you can remember the name, ánd pronounce it correctly.

Also, it might look like comparing apples with pears, but you might see the similarities in tone above.

[Ps:  ColourMeLoud has a nifty review and comparing swatches on Croisiere, if interested]

But let's talk about the differences first. 
I frequently discussed the handiness of Kose Addiction cheekstick in my earlier reviews (here, here, here). The fact that I repurchase these pricy babies also says something. Shortly,
  •  The packaging is sturdy without compromising on minimalistic beauty
  • They make one of the better hybrid cheek/lip & sometimes eye products
  • Travel friendly 
  • Also, oily skin friendly!!! 
I experienced this during smog-city skin-oiliness. I had to abandon most blush for looking 'dirty' on my skin (aka, shifting/ looking weird on confused pores). Addiction cheekstick in Rose Damask was the only one that agreed with my skin and makeup.

But let's look at the beauty of it:
These are age-friendly multiflecks! 
All that glitters so nicely when younger might have a different effect on 'maturing' skin. Addiction made this gorgeous formula that gives dimension to skin, without actually looking Ibiza-glitterbombed.

No flash, evening hour:
no flash, evening hour
 Here goes difference 1: Addiction is darker in tone. It also leans more to a neutral bronze whereas Givenchy Croisiere is a hint warmer.

Evening hour: Flash
 Now the similarity:
Glow factor: both Givenchy as Addiction bring out a subtle but gorgeous glow 

However, up close:

Addiction's multiflecks give the skin a higher glow compared to Givenchy's Croisiere.

Then I'll show you how both blend after being rested on skin for 2 minutes:
outersides blended (innersides unblended for colour ref)
Addiction Ibiza Sunset will blend like a dream without any tools! This is perfect for travelling: sometimes you do your makeup in poor light and later you find yourself being too heavily 'bronzed'. A bit of finger-blending will correct this. 

Givenchy Croisiere 2 needs planning: a good brush, good light, a good base. 

  • Addiction Ibiza Sunset is more neutral, hence better for cool/neutral skin
  • Addiction leans darker, however it blends into a lighter colour suitable for light to fair skin.
  • Addiction is more fool-proof
  • Givenchy has a gorgeous mirror & case (ok, had to sum up a positive)
  • Glad I still bought Addiction Ibiza sunset and I should have gotten it earlier
Love, love, love this cheekstick! 

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