Friday, 11 April 2014

Review: Kahina Brightening Serum

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the 'black bottle trend' in organic skincare. I haven't been idle on using Kahina's [Giving Beauty] Brightening serum, and I happily will review this one.

One of the signs of ageing is not so far the start of wrinkles or perhaps a bit of vertical challenge (read: sagging) of your skin: often it's also uneven pigmentation. Popular Western skincare brands have overlooked this for some time but are starting to address this issue as well. Sidenote, the Asian beautymarket has been on the forefront of lightening/brightening and I've happily used those type of skincare in my early thirties to give me luminiscent and less pigmented skin.

So the organics, or the naturals? I believe nature should not be overlooked as one of the most potent 'mixer' of skincare potions. Often when older communities are found (with plenty of centenarians= 100 year olds), there has been some secret like eating plenty organic olive oil, or some fermented rice wine. Don't quote me on this but it's often not high-stressed lifestyle, L'Oreal and neither McDonalds food (it might be in a 100 years but that has to be proven yet) .

My personal 1st semi-organic lightener has been Jurlique Purely Bright Nightcream. Amazing long term effect! It basically wiped out caused by a sunny holiday & the notorious pigmentation due to Diana 35 anticonception pill. It has been infused with Liqorice and since then I believe in the *power of liquorice* for brightening skin.

Kahina Brightening Serum is infused with liquorice, and you can even smell a hint of it during application:
That brings me to the benefits:
  • brightening? Yes
I didn't have major issues with pigmentation as I had in 2012, but a bit of evening/brightening does help into looking younger. It has a slight effect but still visible IMO
  • Calming? That too
Kahina Brightening Serum does not market itself as being a calming serum but liquorice is known as being anti-inflamatory (read here & here). There's just a tiny hint of scent, from liquorice, and I actually find that more calming on my sensitive skin than the so-called bland neutral.
  • Easy Absorption
30 seconds and you can either layer on another serum (anti-ageing/anti-acne/ect) or go for your daycream. It's actually moisturizing enough to use as a thin moisturizer if your skin is normal to combination.
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced
     Ethically Amazing/Sustainably perfect
Just a tad of exaggeration but Kahina doesn't only replant an Argan tree by every sold bottle, but they're "giving back" to the Berber women in Morocco by providing them a positive working atmosphere etc etc (read their story here).

Ethically and sustainably sourced

Ethically and sustainably sourced
The negatives might be that it is quite expensive for £65.00: I got a bottle of their  full-sized Argan oil as a freebie on naturisimo so that got me into buying it in the first place (still works when you add KAHINA as the code). Also, it is just a brightener and a calming serum: some people like their serums to be total powerhouses and do everything-and-their-laundry.... I kinda believe in multitasking, but I like some focus as well: so I love a specific serum for one or two targets alone.

Kahina Brighening Serum shows that liquorice is not just candy but can give you a *sweet* brighter & more even complexion.


Sharlynn Ng said...

I need a serum or some type of lightening/brightening product! I've got some light pigmentation on my cheeks and a few scars from recent months that I want to lighten! Thanks for reviewing! Hope you get great results!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Thanks Sharlynn, it's quite helpful in lightening a bit. Never underestimate the power of nature :)

Anonymous said...

I've never used a serum but this soundś great!x