Sunday, 13 April 2014

Korean Soap *star* Allure

I jumped on the Korean Soap-wagon and gotten myself the Innisfree no 6 Maple Burgundy lippy.

Actually, it's the lip Laquer instead of the lipstick but let me explain further: Korean Soap? For washing?

Nope, Koreans have been quite the comedians for a couple of years. I really adored My Sassy Girl and Miss Korea is the most anti-botox in facial expressions:

And the way the main character,  Oh Ji-yeong, slightly dominates her male opposers by her gestures, demeanor, etc:

All underlined by her fierce lipstick(s). Which proves, you can be as chaotic/human/imperfect as Oh Ji-yeong, as long as the lipstick looks fierce. 

BTW, DrivellerKate has a a fab image of her not being so immaculately lipsticked so head over to hers for the real goop on the show.

Oh, a review on the Innisfree Glossy LipLaquer: I actually think it is quite watery. It doesn't stay on as long as my last generations of liplaquer-ish products (see here [Gosh] & these [YSL]). But the colour is cute in an Autumn kind of way so it's a nice addition. 

I did love the webshop I bought it from: They've given me 3 freebies when I only got the lipgloss. I used to be such a fan of Korean webstore Gmarket but ordering from them could be such a hassle for one or two things. This webshop is less complicated.

I'll leave you with a fragment of the older My Sassy Girl to show you the bizarre/funny type of humour:

And have a fantastic sunday!


Sharlynn Ng said...

Love your items! I can't wait to see your review! I've seen a lot from that brand but haven't tried anything myself!

Anonymous said...

Cute items, Im excited for your review!x

birkinbagbeauty said...

That's funny you never tried Innisfree as I guess it's easily available in both Thailand & Singapore. The gloss isn't so great but the colour is cute, still dupe-able I think

birkinbagbeauty said...

Thanks Izzy, the samples might even be more interesting right now than the gloss. The Loeille Aura is amazing, though quite chemical