Friday, 10 January 2014

Resolution '14: Going to Australia (or vv)

Oh how delightful it would be to visit Australia. 
And yet, planning, the endless journey, the dehydratation during the flight...the kick-[**] kangeroos...
I'll took the easy route in the sense of "if Muhammed will not come to the mountain..." and ordered something

 1. Australian 
2. Organic from The Little Alchemist 
3. Serum! or it's actually an oil! (also good)

Yes, I declared my De Mamiel oil as the Best of '13 but I will continue in archaic terms "know thyself", or in this case "know thy skin". How much I love to stay utterly faithful to one brand, there will be a time when laziness of the skin wills set in: a switch in skincare might get the cells working again.

Also, my priorities will switch soon to Winter calming to Spring reviving: that needs a good boost of Vitamin C.

Ultra C is not just vitamin C: it's Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, which is one of the stable forms of vitamin C that is able to penetrate the skin (see here & here). Moreover, Ultra C is claimed to be one of few organic serums that totally goes into the anti-age (gah, now this word will become politically incorrect soon) youth defending spectrum with Goji Berry, Co Enzyme Q10 & Chia Seed: my face already starts to tighten by hearing of these ingredients...

So that is my Australian adventure for the time being. I'll bring out a review when I started my Ultra C, in the meanwhile, find more information of it here.

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