Thursday, 9 January 2014

BirkinBagBeauty's Best of 2013: Face Care

It's my last section of the "BEST of 2013"-list and I have found some gorgeous face-care newbies last year.

Serums are my babies because they are the most effective and potent in targeting a 'problem'. Hence, if you would tell be beginning '13 that I would pick a cheap serum as my favourite, I'd probably laugh: I need a sure investment and normally that means . Still, this 'baby'  has been my favourite all-rounder so far for an affordable price (review Nourish Hydrating Peptide serum here).

[Winter] Daycream
Trevano Organic Day Cream is a balmy daycream (think soft cream cheese) that melts easily into the skin. It absorbs within 2 minutes: not every balmy cream does that. Hence, my skin feels hydrated, calmed and is ready for makeup in a short time, perfect for fast mornings. Cons: No sunblock but I get that from specialised suncreens.

Face Oil:
I was on par between De Mamiel Autumn Oil & Bodhi Desert Rose Facial Oil. The total blend of aromatherapy & flower remedy made this oil so special that De Mamiel has gotten my vote (more here). 

Night Cream:
You might think I am doing a 'best of Organic' section, but I truly enjoyed the organic bunch the most. Aurelia Cell Revitalise Night Moisturizer is used as the topping over my nightoil. I see the results when I do: dewier, less flakies, more relaxed skin, and I miss it when I don't. 

Eyecreams start to get important at 'a certain age' and they have quite the list to fullfill: tightening, hydrating, depuffing, combatting undereye circles etc. My favourite is Nourish Revital-Eye Kale Anti-Ageing Eye Cream. [recently reviewed  here]

There hasn't been another face-selftan that live up to Collistar Face Magic Drops Selftan (original review here). I've dabbled into promoted-by-Kate [Moss, not the Driveller] St. Tropez but what's up with the scent? So as Madonna once said, "Italians do it Better"
Mads not the selftan-type but she sure knows to preserve a t-shirt!

Manuka honey has been a multitasker for cleansing the face (how to here), dabbing on pimples, healing small wounds, adding to masks, a hair lightener (see here) and for a antibacterial sweetener internally.

~ Those are my selections for 'Face Care' ~

My 'Makeup' favourites have been discussed over here and my 'Body'-pampering over here.


Sharlynn Ng said...

Great post my dear! I've never heard of quite most of these brands as I haven't explored much into the skincare world and high end or more uncommon brands. This year I need to invest in skincare and also lighter foundations with more skin improving qualities!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Sharlynn, What is unknown to you is closer to me, and vv. For example your last review: I have never heard of ZA before. I think your skin looks perfect: you are so much younger than me so you can wait with too much extras: "Don't fix something that ain't broken yet"

The Driveller Kate said...

I love it when you lead me to new and under-the-radar green lines. Trevarno looks like such a *nice*, Cornwally company -- I might try their night cream when I'm done with my REN :)

Laser East Med Spa said...

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