Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pupa Princess Palette for eyes

*looks like teen-spirit?*

I'm slightly nostalgic for finally being drawn into a spontanious purchase of a palette based on the mere premise of pretty colours. It doesn't happen a lot these days as I meticulously investigate the whole beauty-blogosphere before I plunge in.

This created a mature and well-defined collection of Burberry eyeshadows, Rouge Bunny Rouge and the creme-de-la-creme of Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscopes.

 And then this cutie came along with the right set of colours and princessy atmosphere.

(also, I still like Pupa...a fab Italian brand)
Pupa Princess Palette: no flash, natural light, no sun
 No further investigation...the swatches on my arm looked really good and pigmented and for a mere €17.50 I bought in on the spot.
Pupa Princess: flash
I'll keep the suspense going on if it really was such a good decision...not in a Hitchockian way but still..

What remarked me is that Pupa's 'face' is a girl that reminds me of fashionblogger Chiara (theBlondeSalad):

Though, now Chiara isn't that blonde anymore, but probably still salady

Anyway, the Chiara-fication is quite prominent in Italy as she is one of their main export-products in fashion. Although Marni, Miu Miu and Prada will have a good stand in this field as well.

That brings me to the palet again...Instructions are quite clear in the brochure:

And the 1 to 8 format in their eyeshadows. (9 is an eyeliner)

Sparkly & flash closeup from 1-5 (will make better photos soon):

And 6 to eyeliner:

Swatches over RBR Time Defying Foundation in Wheatgrass:

The pigmentation of the colours are a bit of a mixed bag. I probably swatched the best ones before my impulse purchase. However, it still makes my purchase a good value.

1. One of those imo useless white (tinge of rose) shades that's oftenly in the Adult-industry sector or on girls who are a bit clueless/beginning with makeup. Ok, slightly exaggerated, but not the most convincing of highlighter eyeshadows. It is quite pigmented but I do not like the frosty/chalky quality of this.
2. A more buttery variant of 1...still a bit too chalky for my liking but it merges to a more skin-appropriate colour
3. Now we're getting to better shades (no greys intended)! A softly flecked golden peach that makes that delightful pop on the middle of the moving eyelid.
4. YES to PEACH! A slightly pinked peach that got me into this palette. The texture is buttery and it has the right satiny luminescence.
5. PEEEENK! Talking about fashionbloggers (and yes, I read them) that it will match those heap of pink coats they have been buying lately. Guilty, I  have one too but bought it before the hype. As for the texture, satiny bordering to matte.
6. "I thought it was Taupe" but it translate as a brownish Charcoal on my skin. Mmm, odd. It lacked a bit of pigmentation, however, it glides evenly over the skin so the texture is quite good.
7. Darn, look at how pretty it looks in the pan: pure mauve delight! And then it has this uneven application (3 swipes on that little spot).
8. Mmm, Chrismassy hue! A purple with multicoloured flecks with a reddish base...An even application and the flecks are not glitters but shimmery goodness.
9. Wow, an eyeliner in a palette that is actually good! This eyeliner stayed put after I washed the eyeshadows away. I love the matte-black colour, it swipes perfectly in one swipe without feathering and that is even in the 'crooky' part of my arm.

Not too bad for an impulse buy. It does need a good primer and not all eyeshadows have a good quality about them, but some are surprisingly nice. The plastic case is a bit cheap but for the price it's a nice addition for someone beginning in makeup or people who will always need more nuances in their eyeshadows.

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Sharlynn Ng said...

I've seen their stuff many times and their baked single shadows are amazing! I do want to pick a few small things from them to try. I like the shade selection in the pan, it looks really pretty! However I find these shades a bit sheerer although of decent pigment, I think they would make for very wearable easy looks but I have too many similar colors to consider a palette like this! Do have fun using it!