Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Cozy Candle Collection: Rituals Sacred Fire

Last Christmas I have been indulging in a certain type of candle-snobbery or  a chandler-philia. This year I try to tone it down by venturing into a cheaper brand of candle: Rituals.
Also, based on aesthetics (such a pretty candle) and the fact it is limited edition.

Smelling it unburned in the store gave it a warm & wintery feeling. 
Ofcourse, those are not the descriptive words on the box:
Earthy & Musky- Indeed
Patchouli - ohh, so warm
Cedar - like a warm fireplace in a frozen landscape
Immortality - huh? I guess I'm with Troy the movie quoting that the God's are envy people as any moment can be our last (source)

Opening the package is really a luxury experience: Rituals really is up to the more snobby niche candle site:

And the slogan is completely Chrismassy:
And true!

Right now I am enjoying the candle when I want to feel warm and somewhat like gluhwein.

 I am still slightly a candle-snob and I do think the likes of Cire Trudon & Jovoy make a more sophisticated blend of perfume. Then again, this beauty costs me € 17 and for Cire I have to pay at least €60. Therefore, I love this in rooms like the kitchen that do not need haute parfume but still can have that bit of extra delicious fragance.

As for people who want to read more about the candle niche: Vogue UK December has a small article on page 370. 

 Which makes me curious about Timothy Dunn now.

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