Thursday, 26 December 2013

Balmain Silk Perfume for Hair: a silky luxury

I gotten myself drawn into another luxury/hair hybrid product...
I was not too tempted into buying anything hair & serum-like. However, the salesgirl had the cutest fringe, a fierce ombre bleach at the ends and all her hair looked like really voluminous, healthy and cute. That's often a good sales-perspective and I was curious about [another] story about how this product would change my life hair and make everything better 1 (1 sarcasm embedded in the sidenote).

Her professional eye guided me to this product that is labeled as a 'Hair Perfume' but it functions as a fraganced serum. The normal serum would be "too heavy for my finer hair" and this one has the added bonus of a gorgeous fragance.

Ofcourse, preference in fragance is really subjective so I will describe it as a perfume that reminds me of Balenciaga perfume with the florally notes of Romea D`Ameor Princesses de Venice, quite haute and not your standard Guess perfume notes.

The mister is an added feature that will bring in that extra bit of luxury (and the delightful *pfffshhh* pffshhh* that you will hear later in my Vine).
The clean bottle of the Balmain (we know them from hair-extensions and fashion high-shoulder jackets) seems reminiscent of Marie-Antoinette's laundry chambers...Ofcourse I have never been in Marie-Antoinette's laundry room, but if I would it would probably reminded me of it...
Ingredients are simple which two sorts of silicones. Also, the hyped hair-ingredient Argan oil (no 3), one of my fave hair products Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis) and a dash of jojoba.

But most importantly, it is a superthin mist that is suitable for fine hair. Check the micro-ness of the spray in the video:

Ok, seeing a Vine like 4 times in a row is making anyone really simple or slightly *psssst*spssst* in the brain.  So stop or turn of the sound after 3 times, ok?

(Nails: I'm wearing day 24 Ciate Serendipity on a layer of Chanel Red Dream, btw) 

Conclusion: A useful piece of luxury for finer locks that can benefit from a bit of extra gloss and a gorgeous fragance

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