Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer of Fragrantica '13

The idea of September got me into recaptulating the things about Summer 2013.

And then...

there was the search for the ultimate summer perfume:
Looking at the middle bottle you might think I found my object of fragrantica 2013, but that beauty of a scent has been my 2012 discovery.

I haven't found it this year (yet), although I like the idea of Maison Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae.

Some of the scents I have been sampling & trying:
  • Frederic Malle 'Dries van Noten'
  • Frederic Malle 'un Fleur de Cassis'
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Chatoyant, Lilt & Incantation
  • various Hermes, eg Jour d'Hermes
  • L'Artisan Parfumeur Caligna, Dzingg, & Seville a L'Aube
  • I knew Kai from 2008 but I tried it again if I was more gentle-feeling towards heady Gardenias
  • Bex London N6
This sounds like a perfect example of a first world luxury problem 。◕‿◕。. Eventually I have found some gorgeous scentual concoctions in other types of aesthetic products, such as the Diptyque Tubereuse candle & the gorgeously scented Darphin nourishing satin bodyoil.

Have you found a fragance that has captured the mood of summer '13?

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