Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Phyllia Connect, Reconnect & Update

I really have to update some information on a couple of products I have been using and been rather enthousiastic about.

It is not going to be a super-review-y post: just an update  on Phylia [de M] Connect, and its latest sibling, Re-Connect.

Re-connect has been the latest product in the Phylia line. It is basically a follow-up after the first round of Connect. I have already been using two bottles of the original Connect; simply because Re-Connect hadn't been launched yet.
Anyway, I will review this one after I've used up the whole bottle. Right now I feel that it feels different on the scalp than Connect: somewhat stingier. Perhaps that has something to do with the ingredients?
Or I am not too happy about the Alcohol in there.

About the old[er]
I've been raving a lot about Phyllia Connect. After a year I can clearly see a difference in hair-quality:  I noticed that the regrowth of 25 cm of hair is of a healthy quality. The hair below should get a trim, but in so many cases of the "shoulda" it is compensated with another case of "dontwanna": Short wouldn't be my deal yet. With the mandatory layers it appears to be of a semi-healthy quality: sometimes layers are a girl best friend?

Phyllia de M Connect did not only make my hair grow faster, its regrowth is a lot smoother and healthier. The top-hair part is thicker and has more volume. I am not a fan of Reconnect so I will buy more of the original version when needed again.

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