Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Start of Summer present: Monica Vinader Fiji

Happy summer, or to the ones on the Southern part of the globe, happy winter.

As it's finally summer over here, I treaded myself the elegant way to friendship-braceleticity: a Monica Vinader Fiji in Gold with plum thread.
 I got this one based on the colour combination: normally I prefer rose gold but the purple looks really nice with the yellow gold.

Plum stands for prosperity, according to Vinader's site. I'm not the super-materialistic type so I consider prosperity to be more than just more cash or business success. Eg: prosperity in friendships, love and life in general.

Ps: I bot a Bobbi Brown powder in Antigua that day too: I still love my makeup too and the rose undertone of the bronzer is actually more flattering on me than a straight brownish colour.

So, how have you been celebrating the beginning of summer?

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