Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Codage: Personal Potion!

 Beauty is getting more personal these days

French brand My Codage has jumped to this opportunity to create a customised serum for the needs of each specific customer.
Personal serum: Initials on the box (boohoo for Fedex by wrinkling it) and plenty samples
I haven't seen this service for a reasonable price yet, neither that much in Europe either. It might have been for a longer time for the North-American market, as companies like Three Customs Specialist have been creating personalised lipstick colours for a longer time.

So this service was totally up my alley:

I had to fill out a questionaire of about 26 questions:

 that varied on the colour of your skin:

To the skinzones:

Moreover, there's attention to the fact whether you are planning to go sunbathing or not:
Sunbathing is, ofcourse, the big no-no in anti-ageing tactics. But truth it that it happens and sometimes it feels nice to have some warmth on the skin. Hence, My Codage also has a variety of skincare supplements and ingredients that can help you tan more safely (by protecting it better).

At the end, you have a lot of freedom by stating your own preferences in the targets you would like to tackle:
This all ended into my beautiful and personalised serum:

 The ingredients:

I still have to try out my new personal mix... has a code up until tonight (saturday, 29th June 2013): 15% off with code SEASIDE. It goes upon their whole product line, whether you like something tailored or something from their standard line.

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