Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Child & the Housewife

*drink me*
My latest Alice-in-Wonderland  bunny mug will do the trick in letting my inner concience believe I can still believe in Wonderlands.

Perhaps if they would make brooms and cleaning goods like these...*it might magically get clean* (Or that robot vacuum cleaner...)
(You can find Rory Dobner on

I also found an ornithologist token of a cup for various food-experiences. is a cheap Danish shop with various household tools & cute items stocked. This mug only costed me €2.
Sort of similar credits as the Rory Dobner, only I cannot decipher who the artist is. 

Although not really makeup related, LeaMarie shows us that you can use cute household things like these as makeup storage too (see here)

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Old Cow said...

My dear! This is uncanny! I was looking at that very mug the other day!