Monday, 4 February 2013

Caressing Face: NARS Yachiyo Kabuki

I have a confession to make: I am not really good at applying blush. I have abandoned and swapped away some really gorgeousy bright blushes because I knew I am not good at it. Or,  when I reach for subtle colour or high-end blush I  do not suffer from "obvious blush" application, but what about my brights and cheapies around?

Enter my latest NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush
With the packaging starts the luxury-effect: I still like NARS minimalistic packaging as nothing else.  The thin glossy black lettering on a matte black background is just genius.
Like a virgin: still in it's foil

From NARS site:

Inspired by traditional Japanese beauty rituals Kabuki Theater, the NARS Kabuki Artisan Brushes meld heritage with modernity, in both concept and function. The multi-functional design of the Kabuki Yachiyo Brush, with its tapered dome head, makes it excellent for defining cheekbones, highlighting the complexion, and blending and diffusing color on or around the eye area.
  • Made with very soft Pen Super Goat hairs, which are ideal for blending pigments
  • The hand-spun black wisteria handle preserves its unique traditional character

 The oriental-esque detailing on the brush absolutely makes it a true tool of art, as you can see below:

I also like the idea that these types of brushes are used in Japanese Kabuki theatres. I have an affinity with Japanese cosmetics and respect their grooming rituals. Even though I feel too westernized to spend the same amount of delicacy and time into skincare or makeup, I can see that a bit of slow-time and delicacy into taking care of my face and makeup does show off in my appearance.

The tapered brush-head:

I can see it is made from real (goat)hair instead of synthetics. See that tiny white hair somewhere in the brush? I like a good synthetic brush as it is often good for sensitive skin, but this quality is ace too and feel truly soft.

I went for an experiment with one of my darkest and cheapest sort of blush from a Coastalscent's palette (the purplish berry). I could have gone for my high-end Rouge Bunny Rouge or Burberry, but that would made the experience less exiting. Nor would I really test the transforming and blush-diversing quality of the brush.

It dispends the blush in a lighter manner, although the colour is still quite strong. Nevertheless, it makes the berry more of a *flush-inside* than the *pantonime player*. Also, I often struggle flushing up the blush up my temples: this time it looked like an convincing flush instead of *blush-gone-wild/1980s* effect.

I really like this Yackiyo Kabuki and I have to agree with the multitude of reviewers giving this one a rave. It is a gorgeous tool of art that is not cheap, but gives a brilliant effect when applying one of the most youthifying makeup-products around: applying good blush!

Editor's note: I wanted to name this post "Caressing Cheeks", until I saw the double meaning of it. Mind you, it's a beauty blog and the rest have millions of other options to watch the various state of the double meaning that could have been applied.


Sana Sadiq said...

I recently have got NARS Ita Kabuki Brush <3 Im loving that so much <3 looking forward to try this one too .. Thanks for sharing xx

Leanne Marie said...

I wasnt aware that Nars did makeup brushes! Im a big fan of their products. I'll have to look into their brush line!

Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

Ashley said...

I recently got this brush as a gift and absolutely love it too! It's great with my Illamasqua blushes (hello high pigments!!) and works better than a fan brush.

Haha Caressing Cheeks might have attracted some wrong attention! Good call on the change :P

Olivia J said...

I remember using a similar brush like this way back when makeup brushes were rare. I bought mine in Japan and it didn't cost as much as much as NARS (about $2). I also was awful at applying blush but learned with a brush like this. You have the right brush for blush!

I think I would have liked Caressing Cheeks would have gone along with my vibrating sponge post! ;-)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Sana Sadiq,
Ohh, curious for the NARS Ita too now you mention it: I never took NARS serious with their brushes but this one is really ace

hi Leanne Marie,
Yes, now NARS does that too. pS: love your versatile blog

Hi Ashley,
That's cannot blame Illamasqua for underpigmentation ;P. As for the cheeks, perhaps only pervs would know but there a lot of them these days

Hi Olivia J.,

hehehe, loooved that post and I can still paraphrase you saying something like Estatic mornings and buzzyfying nights. Double meanings can be fun in blogging when we just talk about innocent makeup (although makeup is often used to give/fake the impression of sexual arousement, eg blush) and I do it too, but with the cheeks I was like...meh, too much Shades of Grey lately so I won't. But I might hint to something else soon and I love anything buzzy that gives you estatic mornings ;D

Kabuki said...

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