Wednesday, 13 February 2013

L'óreal Professional Pro-Keratin Refill mask

A few weeks ago I received some new L'óreal Professional masks that I have been trying out. My pre-haircut hair was in a state of dryness & rebelliousness that needed some serious prepping&preening.

My favourite of the two, spoilers allowed,  has been their latest release: the Pro-keratin Refill Mask
Decorated in a fresh teal jar, it has been a frizz-soothing and somewhat hair-repairing mask. I say somewhat to keep it realistic, as real damaged hair is still difficult to repair completely, let's say almost impossible: Brazilian Keratin or Japanese Keratin treatments can smooth it for a couple of months, but the complete cure is often that dreaded rendez-vous with the scissors.


What is really noticable it its texture: it is a pasty formulation that feels like a real treat on parched locks.
L'óreal Professional Pro-Keratin Refill mask: textured like a cake batter

  • a fresh marine/ozonic scent that lingers 2 hours after washing
  • thick texture
  • that means you don't have to apply tons of it (frugal use)
  • has become one of my favourite L'óreal Professional masks
  • visible damage relief, both short term (after shower) as longer term (2 a 3 weeks of use)
  • less fluffy frizz
  • reasonably priced for around € 15 for 200 ml

I really enjoyed this mask and reached for it even though I have a variety of other hairmasks (too many). This was based on the shorter & longer term effect (see verdict). In the meanwhile I have done the rendez-vous with the scissors because these things have to be done every now and then. However, I have been able to keep the lenght on the longer side and I'm sure I really had to go too short or deny the hairdresser's arguments a lot if I haven't been using this mask (and other treatments/supplements such as Phylia de [M] (here).

Dutch (& Belgian, German, Luxemburg) shoppers can get it over here. Other shoppers can find it on


Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

This mask sounds perfect for my dry edges! I like the texture on the photos it looks so rich!


Sharlynn said...

I do love the scent, I'm into fresh sorts of smells like that and also fruity/floral sweet ones. Having long hair I need a good drenching of richness now and again! L'real hasn't done much for me before but I must see if I can get this!