Monday, 11 February 2013

Catrice Neo Geisha lipbrush; or the art of neo-NARS-ing

I really like Catrice: it's easily available in this part of Europe and has decent quality for the price.

My eye did spot something familiar in their latest Neo-Geisha range:

Wow, a totally gorgeous lipbrush with that bonding on the stick. However, haven't I seen it before (let's say, last week)?
It's not the first time Catrice has done something that looks-a-lot-like-something-else (see here)

According to the webpage:

The Neo-Geisha limited Collection is a beautiful range, but I found the lip/cheekcolours to be lacking any intensity to make a beautiful colour on either lips or cheeks. Also, their eyeshadows felt slightly gritty and didn't swatch beautifully: I might bring my smaller UDPP next time so see how it looks on a layer of eyeprimer.

So, I only bought the lipbrush to add a sister for my NARS Yachiyo I dearly love.

There is a larger range of the collection, see their webpage here


Sharlynn said...

Interesting designs! I've yet to own any NARS products so I can't compare of havent been checking their things out but I do like how they've used bamboo!

Old Cow said...

Oh I wish to goodness that we could get Catrice here in Blighty!!

Sana Sadiq said...

NARS Brushes are so awesome xxx