Thursday, 17 January 2013

Using, Used, Gonna Use

Goodie, the 3rd week in 2013 started and I am curious how all the resolutions and good intentions are holding up.

I have been using up quite some products so that part of the beauty-resolution has been going strong.

  • Using: Kerastase Lait Vital conditioner: 
 I got a good deal on it and they get a high rating in the reviews. I personally think the scent is quite strong but the smoothing effect are good, but in Cinderella terms that I blog about every now and then. Right now it's not my favourite but I will use it up as it works good enough.
  • Used: Casanera Bodylotion in Clémentine:
One of the generous freebies I got into my Casanera nightcream Precioza order (here). Gosh, it's thin and fluidy ánd delivers the right kind of moisture that even satisfied my winter skin. It penetrates rapidly, so you don't have to run around au nude/bathrobed/etc for hours before you can dress yourself. I LOVE the tangerine-esque scent that is fresh but not too strong, so it wouldn't interfere with your perfume of choice.
*I'm absolutely reconsidering a full-size of this one*
  • Gonna Use: Topshop leather quilted pouchbag
Sorry, it's not that cosmetics-related but it's so cute and I'm looking forward carrying it around.

 Extra Used up:
  • Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel
A wonderful exfoliating peel that doesn't need scrubbing but only to leave it on for a couple of minutes. It's infused with  papaya, Manuka honey, orange peel and apple serum and my skin looks brighter and smoother afterwards.

*Repurchase? Maybe, I still have to use up the Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel, which is effective too*

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