Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Between greys

I'd like to show some more colours of that meowcosmetic haul I did lately.

meowcosmetcs greys & a postcard with Brigitte Bardot (l) & Jane Birkin (r)

And yes, I could have made a reference to the 5 shades of grey but I won't.

The swatches:  I love how these greys each have their own dimension and duo-toned hue.

  1.  Ghost Stories Present: a whitish grey with a pink overcast
  2. Holiday Wishes Holiday Spirits: a creamy taupe with rosegold glow
  3. Midnight Clear Ancient Splendor: A mid grey with turquoise glimmer
  4. Midnight Clear Song of Old: A true grey with pink flecks
  5. Winter Spirits Sparkling: A steel grey with multicoloured sparkles
Celebrities and ageing:

I really love the iconic celebrities of the 1950s/60s and 70s. Moreover, I also like to look how each ages differently and what their lifestyle has to to with it.

Brigitte Bardot (the blonder one) has been tanning and smoking heavily through her life. I still like that she does her glamourous thing with the smokey eyes, bouffant hair and pouty lips that made her famous.
Brigitte Bardot: late 20s & mid 60s

Or a beauty like Jane Birkin. She also is 65 and I really admire she is not facelifted, but her neck still looks quite fresh and not-too-wrinkly for her age. Also, she hardly has any wrinkles around her mouth...

I admire both women and the lifestyle choices that they have made. Brigitte Bardot could have ended like Marilyn Monroe as she also attempted suicide in her life, but she made a complete lifestyle switch from Famous & Fabulous to Secluded & Sheltered.
As for Jane Birkin, her daughters have stepped into her mother's fabulosity and are really famous and iconic too (Lou Doullon). And having one of the most iconic bags named after you always helps. I think happiness shows too...I love Jane's smile and genuine glow.

So how do you think about ageing?


La borsa di Mary Poppins said...

Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
we can follow each other if you want :)
xoxo Gloria

nlngstar said...

the swatches are very nice, I think these can be daily staple especially when we are on hurry!
thanks for the post =]

Olivia J said...

I think they are both gorgeous and have a natural beauty that many nowadays choose to do away with and go with surgery instead.

Beauty is not just about youth and how one used to look, it is all about how one evolves and lives. Changes in life makes for a great adventure and our faces becomes that gorgeous terrain of originality.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Borsa di Mary Poppings,
Thanks :)...I will check out your blog

Hi Ningstar,
Yey, long time I haven't heard from you and keep on blogging too! I really like the idea of using one product that has multiple dimensions too.

Hi Olivia J,
I love your words on beauty and I couldn't agree more with you :D. Thanks for this beautiful comment

Sharlynn said...

I love the last three greys, I like how you can tell its a grey base but with the shimmer reflect bits. I too admire both women in terms of how they've lived into their older years. They were once amazingly beautiful, doll like and the fame and attention sure would have had a part in problems but they didn't let it get to them.