Saturday, 11 August 2012

Burberry haul incl. Beauty Glow

"Once upon a time there was a makeup-fan who liked to look like a natural beauty...
[insert story-line/plot/obstruction/handsome Prince...] 
She went to the Burberry counter again". 

Ok, so my storyline of the modern damsel needs some more tweeking and perhaps you guys can give me some suggestions of
  1. what the handsome prince should look like
  2. how long the Cinderella-effect of the makeup will be
  3. If she will get free Burberry makeup for life?
But I can still talk about that beautiful GWP I got...

Official Haul: my 1st Burberry lipgloss, Blush & thát GWP
I kind of have been ranting about the cheapskate anthics of the makeup counter SA's lately. The Guerlain lipstick retailed officially for a whopping €30 and I got nothing (not mentioning the store *Cough -IciParis *)  and another one gave me a Estee Lauder moisturizer. Nice, but most of my readers know my skin needs something more than Estee to feel content.

this is what we call a GWP
 But this SA is a true gem, and gave me a gem-like box as well:

Officially I had to purchase over 75 but she gave me the choice of this or a mini-lipstick at 60 ♥♥♥. I already got the mini 04 Cameo Pink and gave it away for being too light on me, so this one was totally tickling all my cosmetic senses.

  • rosy colour!
  • Hybrid!
  • sophisticated packaging
  • tiny/travel size packaging
  • thát box
  • Burberry
  • reaaally hard-to-get
This is actually the colour I like having for a blush. I talked in my Summer Faves about reaching for the generic Corals (corally pinks) when in summer. However,  in Autumn/Winter/(Spring) I prefer to look like a healthier version of me instead of having sweet Barbie cheeks: hence, the Rosy pinks come in again!

 I always want to keep the virgin state of my newest makeup items the longest as possible, so I really suffered while making this swatch for you readers (*be thankful*): Ok, I actually have an excuse to use it now because I swatched it ;D

I will recap on it when I have used it some more, but for the moment:
  • semi-hybrid: perhaps more suitable for lips than cheeks but still good for cheeks. Somewhat like Julie Hewitt Cheekies.
  • Glossy (see swatch)
  • Neutral to cool pinky Rose (hurray)
  • matches lipgloss in Blush 04 (also see swatch)
  • Cinderella effect? I will report back later on how long it lasts


JoanneP said...

What a wonderful GWP! Some SAs actually know how to sell:)

Ploy Varnichgorn said...

haha, what a great sales assistant! definitely want to try this product

Ploy <3 x

Jacqueline said...

You lucky girl! That is the prettiest gwp ever. I assure you it is very much coveted. If only I could get my hands on one.

Anonymous said...

i have to try this stuff! cute blog girl :)