Sunday, 6 May 2012

Something old, something new, something finished...

Reading about the new upsurge of Asian skincare & makeup on the market makes me a bit nostalgic about my beginning days of the blog. Ok, it also has a bit of "been there, already tried that/have the product" when I read the articles about the 'newest' essences, fibre mascaras, etc. But let's not be snobby and look at an old favourite that is one of my first ventures on the Asian cosmetic market!

1. Something Old: The Majolica Majorca Automatic Eyeliner pen in BL 777.
Ofcourse, I found the recommendation of this gem on makeupalley by one of the first Europe girl in the field Fleckenschnitte (from Lotuspalace blog)! You can see her review over here!

I know there is some rule to chuck away your makeup after a couple of years but I haven't been using it a lot lately and I wanted to try out how good the texture would still hold. It's a close up so don't be fooled but it's still reasonable! Ok, we are used to more advanced textures these days but I still loooooove the multidimention-ness of the colour.

2. Something new: Tom Ford Lipstick in 17 Violet Fatale

I have been reading various reviews and noticed that it's not the most perfect texture for it's price. I still ordered it from Belgian niche-shop Parfuma because I was simply smitten by the beautiful pink/purple colour.

And yes, I managed to open its packaging! It is even featured on the non-chosen banner as you can see partly over here:

It's a bit dryer than some lipsticks but I adore the colour.

3. Something finished: Vichy Solucion Micellaire

 This was the last bit left, which I already used up.
Similar to the likes of cleansing waters such as Bioderma & NARS I found this one to be really effective and refreshing. My only dislike was a bit of a chemical smell after using it. Something easily removed by another tone. It doesn't remove sturdy eyemakeup that well, but most people reading this blog know what Asian mascaras can be like.

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