Friday, 4 May 2012

Battle of the Banners

I really want a new banner because I've reached my 500 posts.
I just want to ask my readers which one would be better/cuter/etc?

1. Simple & whimsical

2. Or luxe & referring to makeup/scarves/etc?

Please, feel free to comment and give your opinion ♥


Anonymous said...

I like 1st one simple & whimsical because it's simple and unique I know it's a makeup blog so 2nd banner looks more suitable but almost every blog has pics of makeup products so I think 1st one is a better option but the final decision is yours :)

Old Cow said...

I vote for 1 too! Congrats x

Jessica said...

I like the first one!

Annika said...

I like 1st. Simple and cute ))