Friday, 3 February 2012

The Tranquil One: Neom candle in Inspiration

I couldn't have given myself a more difficult task than to describe the scent of a scented candle, so I won't...

However,  I would like to share a wonderfully tranquil and inspiring scented candle with you that are not as hyped yet as Dipytique and the likes...Ánd, they are organic as well!

As far as my description goes, it smells like a field of grass in on a warmer summer day. Perhaps you have been relaxing with your friends or your lover on a picknick blanket, and afterwards you pick up your blanket feeling rosy because of the sun and the wine you had, and you smell the crushed flowers and grass and the warmth of the summer's day.

Or, according to Neom themselves:

Quite accurate too...and who doesn't want some extra inspiration and a scental reminiscence of summer during the last days of the winter?

I bought the travel size, which is a fair enough size to burn for a couple of hours. To compare it with it's famous sister Diptyque travel candle, it has more hips ;P

left: Neom Candle / right: Dipytique
You can buy Neom from,, and some other sites. The travel size retails for £13.00

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