Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mid Quirkies...

It's an early post on the mid-quirkologies this week, but it feels so midweek I just want it to be wednesday already :D

1. Magnetic Fields:

I think Nails Inc started the magnet nailpolish hype and it has its highstreet-clones already. But their 13 pound is quite pricy so I don't blame the highstreet clone-nation. This one is from Essence and...it is really craptastic! Sorry to say but I only had 1 nail that started to have that lovely marbled effect and I tried dozens of times...Blah! Still a nice colour on itself.

2. Bahia Carnaval, Brazil

It has been getting really wintery over here. Some people might like it and get nostalgic over wintertime, but for me it's just plain cold. I read a lot of travel brochures these days, indulging in sheer escapism by looking at places and events that look warm, happy and colourful.

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