Saturday, 11 June 2011

Topshop makeup Cheeks (stick) in Ray

It seems I have a find-a-dupe-a-ton as a theme for today.

In my search for cheaper alternatives I posted something about ArtDeco this morning, and now I will do a mini-review on the Topshop Cheeks(stick) in Ray.

Most people know Topshop for their clothing, and I think it is quite reasonable to say that their fanclub reaches beyond the country where it all started, the UK. I think it is right to say that H&M is a bigger name on the international field of affordable clothing, but Topshop is the trendier variety.

Are they able to make makeup? Honestly, as with a lot of companies that specialises in makeup, they have their top (no pun intended) products and their 'mehs'. But for a clothing company they are not too bad.

I do not have a lot of Topshop makeup, btw, but this is based on various reviews and some testing when I actually was in a real brick-and-mortar shop in the UK.

Oh, the Dutch people had their Topshop launch this week. Well, not completely, just a small section in a other shop, but still, it is good to see the stuff in real life.

I seem to disgress again...back to the review. I talked about finding a reasonable, and hopefully better dupe for the NARS multiple sticks. I have St. Barts in my collection as a sort-of-bronzing stick, but I believe I could do a find a more natural and convincing bronzer than St. Barts. I like NARS for some of their products, but they seem to love to add their multiples with lots of metallic sheen.

So, how does Topshop Ray look like:

Topshop Cheekstick in Ray

Mmm, I was not too enthousiastic when looking at the colour. It looks like a coppery metallic stick and it is not that perfectly natural brown I had in mind.

Swatched on my skin you can see it is true to its tube colour:

What is not really obvious in this picture it that there are some silvery specks scattered through the stick, and the swatch.

Honestly, it would be a fun shimmer-stick for the evening or clubbing, when you want to add some serious (and not too natural bronzing) to your face. But as a natural bronzer/blush it actually fails colourwise. At least, for my skintone: I think it could be a gorgeous highlighter tone on darker skintones, btw.

I am not too negative about this product, because when I sheer it out and add some powder on top of it, it can look a bit natural. But I find that a bit too much work for a type of product that aims to be effortless and quick. On the other hand, it looks quite stunning on the body for highlighting/bronzing so it will not be completely a waste of money.

I did not test its longevity that much, because I sheered it out a lot. I think it last for quite some time, depending on the manner of application.

You can purchase this in a topshop or online at topshop for £ 10.

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