Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies

This quirky wednesday I have....

1. Enjoying blood red lipstick KISS from Gosh...

Lately, I frequently step outside my makeup confort zone  and have been trying some brights: among them my latest Gosh in Kiss, but also a colour like MAC's Girl About Town.
It is so effortlessly when you do not want to apply a whole face of makeup. but want to say 'hey, I'm wearing some makeup'.

2. Quirky facial blotting sheets...

This odd chicken has some red lips as well, but it is for oil blotting...Oil-blotting season is coming, or to keep the oilies at bay I will be toting around the LUCKY Gender Bender Chicken Komanech Oil Blotting Paper.

I have no idea why it is Gender Bender, because chickens are mostly females, or it would be a rooster, right? But right, perhaps it connects to Lady Gaga or so.
(from sasa over here)

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