Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mid Weekly Quirkologies...

What were the specialties of last seven days?

1. I went to the Capital city on a sunny day.
T'was quite lovely. This is a picture of one of the most famous canals on the Prinsengracht. They have excellent shopping opportunities in that area with quirky and some unique shops. I would never suggest diving in that water, but some loonies or really drunk people have done that during one of the national Fêtes. But walking past it or with one of those water-vehicles it is quite lovely...

Amsterdam is world famous and, dare I say, notorious. But for me it is just standard because I look past all the things that make it so notorious and go shopping or to a museum ;P . I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder, although some areas in Amsterdam would need a really stubborn eye to miss out on the notorious stuff: But hey, every large capital in the world has something like that...

2. Bookshops and weird titles of books
Also seen this title in one of the Bookshops in Amsterdam. Whose Hair? I wonder what it is about, but it is probably filled with visual stuff. I skip these books these days, because you can find blogs shock-full with visuals and quirky images of people or hair. Still, I would not refuse this book as a gift.

3. Again...that bunny ring...haven't we seen that enough?
Gosh, it was Eastern so let me remind you of the fact that it was Eastern again.

4. Liking Prexceed Honey Hair stuff.
Got the tip from Worshipblues...and it is quite ok.

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ilovehangeul said...

have you visited the attic where anne and her family hid for more than 2 years?it's a dream of mine to visit that museum.